Indocyber’s new supply chain solutions

After providing a solution for one client who has a business in distribution, indocyber believe they need more solution more than distribution only. That’s why Indocyber collaborates with AEB to improve integrated supply chain and maximize the overall value. It means vertical business is one of the important things in IT solution, bringing the value and benefit to the valuable client in their industry.
Software provider AEB and Indocyber team up to expand its presence and customer base in the Indonesia. The teams in Jakarta and Surabaya will bring a wealth of experience in the implementation of ERP systems and the development of mobile solutions. With a keen understanding of local conditions, they offer multinational and local companies a comprehensive service portfolio and support in implementing global trade and logistics solutions.
Indocyber is headed by Bharat Ong, who boasts over 20 years of experience in providing enterprise solutions for the Indonesian market. “The SAP-integrated solutions in AEB’s portfolio are particularly attractive for the Indonesian market,” notes Bharat. “Supply chain and logistics are key development areas of the Indonesian government.”
AEB’s regional office in Singapore will support this expansion with further localisation of its software suite in the coming months. The AEB team in Singapore is composed of project managers, software experts, a support desk, and business development managers. Their focus is on further developing AEB’s supply chain solutions, and bringing the Transport & Freight Management and Compliance & Export Controls solutions to the Asia Pacific market.
“AEB’s strong focus on service and the long-term relationships it builds with its customers makes it easier for us to gain a foothold in the Asia Pacific region,” says Frans Kok, General Manager AEB Asia Pacific.
“Our office in Singapore gives us a presence in one of the most important logistics hubs in Asia Pacific,” says AEB Managing Director Markus Meissner. “And Indocyber will help us establish a stronger base in Indonesia.
Localising our products and services will be key to successfully establish our solution portfolio in the market, and we will align our product development accordingly.”