PT Bangun Abadi Teknologi Indonesia (BATI) is holding company for Magnet and other subsidiaries company. BATI focuses on Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Solution, that Provides Secure Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud. BATI Cloud Services focuses on laaS, SaaS, DBaaS, and DRaaS.
Data Communication Services
Internet, VPN, MPLS, VoIP
Cloud Infrastructure Services
Virtual Private Servers, Office 365, Zimbra Collaboration Suite
Cloud Software Services
SAP Business One, SAP HANA, MS Dynamics, Birst BI, Qlikview, Cherry HR Payroll
ICON + has grown and evolved as an ever more trusted provider of ICT services capable of providing the customers with the best experience, since 2008. ICON + has consistenly and gradually expanded telecommunication network connectivity to remote areas of Indonesia by maximizing the utilization of PT PLN (Persero) electricity network right. namely "Right of Ways" (RoW), which has territorial coverage throughout Indonesia.
This is done in accordance with the vision of "Being a Leading Information Technology and Communication Technology (ICT) Provider in Indonesia based Network through the utilization of Strategic Assets". ICON + also consistenly innovates products and services by prioritizing the latest network and technology quality.
Achieve business agility and compete effectively in a dynamic market with cloud services and apps. With 99% network coverage across Indonesia, Telkomsel will keep you in touch with new and existing customers through our reliable network connection.