TESS International is principally involved in the provision of research, design, development, marketing and maintenance of financial software solutions. TESS International is the exclusive developer of CORAL Suite of Solutions, where TESS International's applications are specially developed for the use by financial institutions under its brand name - CORAL.
An End-to-End Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Anti Terrorism Financing (ATF) solution. The solution is equipped with intelligent, straight-through processing capability and in-built detection mechanism to trace and filter out fraudulent transactions with greate efficiency and clinical accuracy.
CORAL iSEM allows user to proactively monitar, detect and prevent any suspicious activity. individually and collectively throughout multiple channels. The pattern analysis and detection is done in near real time without human intervention. It is a powerful, multifaceted web-based application which provides Fls with end-to-end functionality for AML/ATF monitoring.
ISID was established in 1975 as Japan's first private computer time-sharing service (TSS) provider, a joint venture between Dentsu Inc, the world's largest independent advertising firm, and General Electric Company (GE). We have provided innovative services and expanded the business globally.

Lamp Features

  • Flexible Lease and Finance Contract Management
    Lamp provides flexibility to leasing firms. It enables leasing firms to easily support various financing schemes, such as floating rate, unbalance repayment, flexible interest as well as country-specific scheme.
  • Comply with Corporate Governance Policies
    Lamp can easily incorporate each firm's global and local corporate governance policies, such as approval policies, risk management, and system audit.
  • Support Global Requirements
    With its flexible architecture, Lamp can support country specific requirements usually coming from local goverment policies and local business practices.
  • Access through Web
    Using secure WEB technologies, Lamp provides automated and centralized solutions to multi-location companies enabling access from branch offices and external partners.
  • Functionality for Managemenet Layer
    Lamp provides various managerial functions. For example, Lamp provides borrowing management functions so that CFO can easily see their cash flow and projection.


Checking your Credit Reports regularly is one of the best ways to engage with your credit information.


Correct inaccuracies on your Credit Report
Security Freeze
Freeze access to your Credit Report
Denied Credit
Request your Experian Credit Report
Fraud Alert
Add a fraud alert to your Credit Report
Free Credit Report
Update every 30 days in sign in
Contact Us
Get answers to your credit questions


3-bureau FICO Scores

FICO Scores are used by lenders more than any other brand of Credit Scores.
Your FICO Score 8 can range from 300 to 850, and can influence whether you qualitfy for a loan and impact the interest rates that are offered to you. Compare your FICO Scores and Credit Reports from each of the 3 credit bureaus.

Credit Score factors

View the specific positive and negative factors that impact your FICO Score
Your Credit Score is calculated from the information found in your Credit Report. See the factors influencing your FICO Score, includiing payment history, amount of debt, credit history length, amount of new credit mix.

Credit Score tracking

Get FICO Score tracking powered by Experian data with notifications when changes occur.
With an interactive FICO Score tracker, you can visualize your progress over time and receive customized alert when your score changes. You'll also see the specific score factors that are impacting your FICO Score.

Monthly 3-bureau updates

Get updates every 30 days to your FICO Scores and Credit Reports from all 3 credit bureaus.
The information in each of your Credit Report from the 3 credit bureaus may be different. Keep up-to-date and see how you compares across all 3-bureaus with updated Credit Reports and FICO Scores every 30 days.

3-bureau credit monitoring

Monitor all 3 credit bureaus to give you greater insight and help you make more informed financial decisions.
Credit monitoring and alerts help you keep an eye on your credit health and activity. By monitoring all 3 credit bureaus, you have a wider view of your credit footprint and can be more aware of your overall credit status.

Get support when you need it

Get personalized support from our dedicated team of Credit and Fraud Resolution Agents.
Gain insight into the factors that may be impacting your Credit Score risk level with tollfree support available 7 days a week. If fraud or identity issues are found, an assignment agent will work closely with you to resolve them.
TriAset delivers high performance software solutions that increase the productivity, seamless interactivity and effectiveness of Treasury, Risk and Investment in both Conventional and Islamic financial instruments. With more than 15 years of specialization, we are experts in bringing complex and intertwine processes and information into simple yet exceptonal user experience solutions.



Front Office

  • Reduce operating costs and increase customer engagement using customer bills and statements as a customer experience channel
  • Provide real-time market and credit risks management
  • Captured treasury information can be drill-drown and analyzed in variety of ways, including such as obvious criteria as currency, interest-rate type, time bucket, etc.
  • Covers extensive treasury products - money markets, equity, foreign exchange, coupon securities, futures and options, etc.
  • Feed upload to our solution is readily interfaced to facilitate mark-to-market valuation
  • Allows trading integration with third-party applications, such as trading platforms, SWIFT and real time gross settlement system (RTGS)

Middle Office

  • Extensive limit and compliance settings that cover both management and statutory requirements
  • Limits are updated on-line on each deal entered by front-office
  • Parameter-driven settings for ease of maintenance
  • Flexible to accommodate new product creations and new reporting requirements
  • Provide confirmation process through letter and SWIFT formats

Back Office

  • Straight through processing (STP) capability eases the settlement process
  • Deal is captured only once at front office and processing at back office does not require any rekeying
  • Allow settlement integration with third party application such as SWIFT, real time gross settlement system (RTSG), financial systems, etc
  • Settlement messages in SWIFT and RTGS formats
  • Accounting entries are generated by system and interface to any financial accounting system
In late 2015, InMotion launched the product code name "3 Dolphins" which has capabilities of Machine Learning, Cognitive Analytic, Search Engine, Social Media, Site Media Adapter and Customer Engagement Platform. Our Platform is suitable to solve business cases such as: Customer Care, and Lead Engagement. Our Platform designed to meet un-match scalability through the power of Hadoop Technology.



OmniChannel contact center allows your customer agents to engage customer on any channel, including email, chat, and social media
  • Support 12+ out of the box channel
  • Customizable form management
  • Smart routing via machine learning
  • Support team collaboration add-on


Connecting your organization business process at the heart of customer, and be part of customer journey enabler
  • Integrated with customer channel
  • Dynamic Business Process Builder
  • Support REST and Web Service API


Improving customer agent productivity by simulating customer engagement and automate business process via conversational AI
  • Flexible NLP dialog management
  • Support rich message modelling
  • Built-in bot content management
  • 27+ Out of the box chatbox skill set


Measure your customer contact center and customer experience key performance indicator to improve retention, satisfaction, and sales
  • 50+ analytic template
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Support data federation

Product Feature

Enable 12+ channel integration in single dashboard to manage customer conversation and case management. Combine machine learning technique to intelligently distribute customer conversation to the right agent and make your resolution faster. Support text, media, and rich message to improve your customer interaction experience with your organization.
Adaptive bot platform help your organization to easily add new skill set, build new engagement simulation, and integrate with your enterprise service to perform automated process.
Speed up your chatbot application with 27+ built-in skill-sets such as hotel booking, find nearby restaurant, booking a taxi, schedule a reminder, and many more.
Using our chatbot platform enable your organization to simulate response to your customer, quickly resolve their problem, generating new on-boarding customer, or even integrate trasaction process with your enterprise system.
Our hybrid approach combines the best parts of both man and machine. We've had to develop quite of bit of technology on the front and back end to make it work.Bots enable business serve their customer immediately and reduce operational costs, but they can't empathize like humans and more often than not can't understand humat intent. With Facebook recently disclosing that chatbots have a 70% failure rate. It's critical that Chatbot developers ensure that humans remain in the loop.
Easily delivering your content such as: promotion, and product information using our visual content editor and push the information to your channel via chatbot or human interaction. Content can be publishing easily and efficiently as editing and revisions do not require visual design or coding knowledge. This allows for fast and efficeint updates, saving your business cost and time.
Magic xpa Application Platform lets you leverage the same business logic to develop once and deploy across platforms. You can create a portofolio of high performance business apps with a single skill set and minimal resources.
By allowing you to develop, maintain and update apps quickly and cost-effectively, Magic supports your digital transformation and enterprise mobility strategies, making it easy for you to give your business a competitive edge.


  • Highly Productive
    Code-free drag and drop studio. Mobile preview pane, Pre-set mobile development mode. Pre-defined and reusable elements and components let users concentrate on creating the best business logic rather than the technical complexities.
  • Low TCO
    One skill set for all popular operating systems and deployment modes. Minimum deployment and maintenance efforts.
  • Time-To-Market
    Pre-built components, Mobile development mode. Centralized business logic allows updates and changes to be automically propagated to all devices.
  • Flexible
    Develop once, deploy anywhere ( Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM i, Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, cloud, on-premises). Easily swtich client devices as market or business requirements change. Scale up quickly without changing your app.
  • Minimum Risk
    Metadata-driven product with fully-tested pre-written code. Evolving product that adapts to accommadate new technologies and changing markets.

Rapid Cross-Platform Development Features

  • Ease of use
    Code-free, event-driven application development studio with Visual Studio-based from designer. Drag and drop business process orchestration. Pre-defined elements and components and built-in best practices shorten development cycles.
  • Rich Enterprise Mobile Functionalities and UX
    Offline support. Native mobile application clients for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile smartphones and tablets. Hybrid/HTML5 support.
  • Agile
    Develop once and deploy across mobile, Web/HTML5, Rich Internet Application (RIA), Saas, and client/server. Full .NET Compatibility. Multi-platform server support: Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux, IBM i. Cloud-ready architecture.
  • Enterprise-Grade
    High-performance self-healing and scalable architecture based on IMDG messaging infrastructure. Secured protocols and sessions. Authentication and encryption. N-Tier Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) support.
  • Big Data/Fast Data Ready
    Apps can use the IMDG database, enabling handling of extremely large transaction loads. Streaming data from backend databases to the space provides superior performance.
DataRobot is the pioneer of automated machine learning, providing an enterprise-grade platform that enables organizations of all sizes to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The DataRobot platform enables business users and analysys to quickly develop highly accurate predictive models and boosts the productivitiy of data scientists allowing them to focus on the more complex aspects of data science projects.
DataRobot is the pioneer of automated machine learning, providing an enterprise-grade platform that enables organizations of all sizes to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The DataRobot platform enables business users and analysys to quickly develop highly accurate predictive models and boosts the productivitiy of data scientists allowing them to focus on the more complex aspects of data science projects.


Experience the world's most powerful automated machine learning platform with all the flexibillity, agility, and convenience you need from the cloud.
Take advantage of automated machine learning to achieve your business goals.
Automate the development of sophisticated time series models that predict the future values of a data series based on its history and trend. Organizations of all sizes will improve forecasts for sales volume, product demand by SKU, staffing, inventory, and a host of financial applications.
AI is the fundamentally changing the present and future of businesses - is your organization ready for the next industrial revolution?
Automated machine learning is a technology invented by DataRobot to automate many of the tasks needed to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications. Incorporating the knowledge and expertise of some of the world's top data scientists, DataRobot enables more users across an enterprise to succeed with machine learning by simply utilizing their understanding of their data and business and letting DataRobot do the rest.



While automation and speed usually come at the expense of quality, DataRobot uniquely delivers on all those fronts. The DataRobot platform automatically searches through millions of combinations of algorithms, data preporcessing steps, transformations, features, and turning parameters for the best machine learning model for you data. Each model is unique, fine-tuned for the specific dataset and prediction target.


DataRobot features a massively parallel modelling engine that can scale to hundreds or even thusands of powerful servers to explore, build and tune machine larning models. Large datasets? Wide datasets? No problem. The speed and scalability of modelling is limited only by the computational resources at DataRobot's disposal. With all this power, the work that used to take months is now finished in just hours.


While automation and speed usually come at the expense of quality, DataRobot uniquely delivers on all those fronts. The DataRobot platform automatically searches through millions of combinations of algorithms, data preprocessing steps, transformations, features, and tuning parameters for the best machine learning model for your data. Each model is unique, fine-tuned for the specific dataset and prediction target.


Keeping up with the growing ecosystem of machine learning algorithms has never been this easy. DataRobot is constantly expanding its vast set of diverse, best-in-class algorithms from R, Python, H20, Spark, and other sources, giving users the best set of tools for machine learning and AI challenges. With a simple click of the Start button, users can deploy techniques they have never used before or may not even be familiar with.



DataRobot can run on the Hadoop cluster to bring built-in, well-integrated automated machine larning to the Hadoop stack. Using Spark for large-scale data processing. DataRobot is certified compliant for data security and management. This means that DataRobot machine learning data objects and operations are visible to, and under the control of, Hadoop management processes and policies.


Whether you're building a modelling factory or a highly scalable real-time application, DataRobot allows true industrialization of machine learning. With the DataRobot API, create, explore and refresh 100s or even 1000s of models with just a few lines of scripting code. Ready to deploy? The Prediction API makes it easy to operationalize models with just a few lines of code -- no need for scoring code. Ever.