In late 2015, InMotion launched the product code name "3 Dolphins" which has capabilities of Machine Learning, Cognitive Analytic, Search Engine, Social Media, Site Media Adapter and Customer Engagement Platform. Our Platform is suitable to solve business cases such as: Customer Care, and Lead Engagement. Our Platform designed to meet un-match scalability through the power of Hadoop Technology.



OmniChannel contact center allows your customer agents to engage customer on any channel, including email, chat, and social media
  • Support 12+ out of the box channel
  • Customizable form management
  • Smart routing via machine learning
  • Support team collaboration add-on


Connecting your organization business process at the heart of customer, and be part of customer journey enabler
  • Integrated with customer channel
  • Dynamic Business Process Builder
  • Support REST and Web Service API


Improving customer agent productivity by simulating customer engagement and automate business process via conversational AI
  • Flexible NLP dialog management
  • Support rich message modelling
  • Built-in bot content management
  • 27+ Out of the box chatbox skill set


Measure your customer contact center and customer experience key performance indicator to improve retention, satisfaction, and sales
  • 50+ analytic template
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Support data federation

Product Feature

Enable 12+ channel integration in single dashboard to manage customer conversation and case management. Combine machine learning technique to intelligently distribute customer conversation to the right agent and make your resolution faster. Support text, media, and rich message to improve your customer interaction experience with your organization.
Adaptive bot platform help your organization to easily add new skill set, build new engagement simulation, and integrate with your enterprise service to perform automated process.
Speed up your chatbot application with 27+ built-in skill-sets such as hotel booking, find nearby restaurant, booking a taxi, schedule a reminder, and many more.
Using our chatbot platform enable your organization to simulate response to your customer, quickly resolve their problem, generating new on-boarding customer, or even integrate trasaction process with your enterprise system.
Our hybrid approach combines the best parts of both man and machine. We've had to develop quite of bit of technology on the front and back end to make it work.Bots enable business serve their customer immediately and reduce operational costs, but they can't empathize like humans and more often than not can't understand humat intent. With Facebook recently disclosing that chatbots have a 70% failure rate. It's critical that Chatbot developers ensure that humans remain in the loop.
Easily delivering your content such as: promotion, and product information using our visual content editor and push the information to your channel via chatbot or human interaction. Content can be publishing easily and efficiently as editing and revisions do not require visual design or coding knowledge. This allows for fast and efficeint updates, saving your business cost and time.