ISID was established in 1975 as Japan's first private computer time-sharing service (TSS) provider, a joint venture between Dentsu Inc, the world's largest independent advertising firm, and General Electric Company (GE). We have provided innovative services and expanded the business globally.

Lamp Features

  • Flexible Lease and Finance Contract Management
    Lamp provides flexibility to leasing firms. It enables leasing firms to easily support various financing schemes, such as floating rate, unbalance repayment, flexible interest as well as country-specific scheme.
  • Comply with Corporate Governance Policies
    Lamp can easily incorporate each firm's global and local corporate governance policies, such as approval policies, risk management, and system audit.
  • Support Global Requirements
    With its flexible architecture, Lamp can support country specific requirements usually coming from local goverment policies and local business practices.
  • Access through Web
    Using secure WEB technologies, Lamp provides automated and centralized solutions to multi-location companies enabling access from branch offices and external partners.
  • Functionality for Managemenet Layer
    Lamp provides various managerial functions. For example, Lamp provides borrowing management functions so that CFO can easily see their cash flow and projection.