Automate Your Workflow Without Code

Workflows dictate your processes, and every time a step, system, person or rule gets added or changed, the lines of code pile up. With K2, you can build workflows visually - saving significant time and crating opportunities to improve.

User Benefits

  • Better Collaboration
    Make your terms super productive. Because the logic and steps of a workflow are shown in pictures instead of buried in coding, business users and developers can both contribute to designing a process and making it better.
  • Centralized Task Management
    Managing a variety of processes and tasks is challenging enough without having to go to multiple locations to view the status of a task or process. Having everything visible on one screen increases process visibility and helps managers keep processes running smoothly.
  • Greater Visibility
    It's easy to click into the picture of a workflow and see the status of tasks, including: who it's assigned to, how long it's been waiting for action, what response was given, etc.
  • Alerts & Notifications
    Keep managers aware of the status of a task, and allow them to focus on other aspects of their job without worrying about whether or not a task is being completed.

Developer Functionality

  • Multi-User/Multi-System
    Create workflows that contain any combination of user steps and system steps: complex task assignments, drill down properties, business rule evaluation. exceptions, escalations, error handling, SLAs, loop/switch/parallel actions and more.
  • Smart Assist Configuration
    Surface best practices and logical next steps as you build workflows. The drag-and-drop designer will prompt you with suggestions based on previous steps.
  • Go Beyond If This, Then That
    Integrate with If This, Then That platforms that enable you to make deeper, more complex processes possible as part of a simple IFTTT workflow.
  • Drag and Drop
    Visual tooling and an intuitive design canvas speed up the app development process and reduce errors.