Oracle Service Bus transform complex and brittle architectures into agile integration networks by connecting, virtualizing, and managing intercations between services and applications. Oracle Srrvice Bus delivers low-cost, standards-based integration for mission critical SOA environments where extreme performance, scalability and reliability are critical requirements.
Oracle Service Bus enables companies to unlock the value of their enterprise applications portofolio. From on-premise, to the cloud to mobile devices and to the future, Oracle Service Bus allows companies to leverage their existing investmens in whole new ways.

Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insights

Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight Gives business owners the ability to monitor key metrics of their enterprise in real time using pre-configured dashboards. A differentiating feature of this product is its ability to extract these metrics even if backing data sources do not contain the raw data in a traditional store, such as a database.
Business users follow a simple three-step process to define, map, and monitor business metrics.
First, a model of the business is creaeted using a simple browser-based designer. The model defines concepts important to the business, such as milstones, measures, and dimensions.
Second, the model is mapped by an architect to application services and components so that business-level metrics can be extracted during normal business activity. Architects can selec services and components for mapping using simpe visualizations of application structure in their browser.
Finally, the model is activated and the collection of metrics begins immediately. Stakeholders can start tracking metrics using pre-configured dashboards, tables, and reports. Customized dashboards and reports can also be created that let business owners prioritize metric that are most important to their success.
Customers are demanding more direct control and customization for end-users of business, applications and Oracle Real-Time Integrations Business Insight offers the flexibility that business users are looking for.